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Michael Heidecker


Entrepreneur and documentary photographer from Hamburg, Germany. As senior management consultant, entrepreneur and investor, Michael is an expert in the international financial industry. Photography has always been an important part of his life. He was trained by famous documentary photographers, such as Steve McCurry, Bruce Gilden, Alex Majoli, Jacob Aue Sobol, or John Stanmeyer. He is a visual storyteller with particular interest in culture and social issues of developed and developing societies and their impact on the individuum.

Michael has photographed on all continents and his photos have been exhibited in Europe and Asia. Empowerment of women in Georgia or the G20 summit in Hamburg are some of his recent stories. Currently, Michael is working on a long term project about homeless people in Hamburg together with the German Red Cross and other well known charities.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Michael worked as senior manager for The Boston Consulting Group. Michael studied business administration at University of Hamburg and Harvard University and holds a doctoral degree in economic sciences.